Jhan Harp

Development Executive


headshot-jhanJhan leads the Development Team at AWOL Studios, bringing a wealth of experience in collaborative group storytelling, script consultancy, and screenwriting; including having personally reviewed over 10,000 screenplays and client projects.

Utilizing a combination of perspective gained from reviewing thousands of scripts and his education in both science and the arts, Jhan applies a unique framework to identifying the most effective elements in visual storytelling as well as understanding the pitfalls to avoid in creating compelling narrative.

Since 2011, Jhan has worked as the Story Department Coordinator for Scenario LA, a literary management and production company in Hollywood. In that role, he has worked on story development with hundreds of projects and clients.

Beginning in 2013, Jhan has also served as a senior Screenplay Development Consultant with ScreenCraft, a boutique screenplay consultancy and crowdsourcing firm. Working closely with co-founder Cameron Cubbison, Jhan has both judged numerous crowdsourcing script writing contests, and has provided in depth feedback for a myriad of client projects. During his tenure at ScreenCraft, Jhan has helped secure meetings and representation for clients at Paradigm, 3 Arts Entertainment, Sundance Labs, Kaplan / Perrone, Anonymous Content, Heretic Literary Management, Conspiracy Media, Kopelson Entertainment, and writing assignments for a client at Buffalo 8 Productions.

Jhan earned his B.S. in physics and a B.A. in theatre, both with magna cum laude honors, from Purdue University.

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